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What People Say

Dr. Margaret Starkes
The Rapping Principal

"Denele was my technological guardian angel! I literally stumbled across her name on FB in the midst of a time crunch for building a website. This woman singlehandedly built my website in 72 hours, being responsive to all of my professional needs with an expeditious response time. I will forever remain connected to Ms. Biggs for my professional tech support needs."

Monica Williams, Owner
From Momma's Kitchen, LLC

"First, thank you for being a friend! Good business relationships are always just a bit better when great friendships develop. I appreciate your patience with my rambled methodology for pouring out my ideas. You sifted through the random thoughts and grasped the meaningful points. After five years of starting the year with the best of intentions, I finally have a website I am proud to share - and we completed the task well before our projected end date! My learning style matched your teaching style and you guided me through this process of mountain climbing onto a level and straight road. In just a few days since our soft launch, I have received several orders, as well as compliments from customers. The frenetic pace of my business process has calmed and the shipping process has order where there was chaos. Thank you for answering all of my questions...and researching and finding answers/solutions to that which you had not encountered. I know as I move forward on this path, I will be able to grow From Momma's Kitchen to new heights I couldn't have imagined! I look forward to spreading the word about your talents as a website/idea developer. The swell of your future success is on the way! 

Get Ready!"

Josephine Hatley, Board President
Hug Me Tight Childlife Centers, Inc.

"We take genuine pleasure in recommending ddb Web Design.  During 2020, Hug Me Tight Childlife Centers, Inc., contracted with ddb Web Design to redesign our existing website. 

From the initial contact with ddb Web Design, our organization experienced a most rewarding interaction along with detailed and professional services.  We are extremely pleased with the redesign of our website.

Hug Me Tight Childlife Centers Inc. recommends DDB Consulting as a contractor for your organization’s web needs.  We feel utilizing this web designer will bring an added credit to your organization’s visibility."

Dr. Kendra Janelle Ross
Cultural Worker

“Initially, I tried to redesign my website myself. I am pretty tech-savvy and thought I would easily be able to navigate the platform technology to get it done. However, no matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get what was in my mind on the webpage in front of me. I finally decided to turn to a professional and called Denele Biggs to help me. We spoke briefly about what I envisioned and within a few days, she showed me a draft that looked a lot like what I had been seeing in my head for months. We tweaked a few things together, and by the end of that week, I had a new professional site that represented the new image and brand I wanted. Even though these new platforms make it easier, it will still never be the same as hiring a professional who has the technical skill, creative thinking, and abilities as well as an excellent work ethic. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to stay in my lane and go to the pro!”

Kenzie's World

"I loved working with her because she kept the room filled with joy as we worked together on my website. She was nice and happy to answer questions or concerns I had. Her patience and attention to detail explaining how the website worked was very much appreciated.  The work she designed on my website was amazing!" ~Mckenzie

"I absolutely love my daughter's website! It was a complete joy to place my daughter in Denele's hands for the inaugural launch of her business website. She was purposeful with her interaction engaging Kenzie's thoughts to be intentional. I truly enjoyed observing her work her wonders creating the best and most appropriate website to maximize clients. She turned a child's vision into virtual worldwide reality. I will always recommend Denele for our website design any day!" ~Melita Terry

Tanika Harris, Partner
ACT3 Consulting Partners. LLC

"Denele D. Biggs has the unique ability to work seamlessly and effectively on multiple projects. Her skill set is rare as she understands people in a way that others in her field do not, as she knows how to connect with people and utilizes appropriate technology to enhance the work of the people. Her technological skills are best utilized through website creation and management. She can capture the client's vision, then create a website that conveys the client's message while completing it before the deadline. Denele is a mastermind project manager as her attention to detail, and ability to forecast potential problems affords her the ability to solve problems and co-create for the future. It has been a joy and inspiration to work alongside Denele on volunteer and consulting projects. I can not forget to mention her artistic talents. Denele's creative skills as a socially conscious author, captivating orator, smooth vocalist, and keen photographer merely add to her resume as the total package."

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