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DDB Consulting

Who Am I?


DDB Consulting is owned and operated by Denele Biggs. Denele is a self-described "creative," but she is also a gifted tech consultant who actively engages both sides of her brain. She has always had an interest in technology, which she pursued by furthering her degree in the discipline.


Denele is an expert in web content & design, project management, business analysis, and social media marketing as a result of her IT and creative background. She has more than two decades of experience in financial services, technology, and management experience. She holds a Master's of Information Technology and a Master's of Art in Communication Technology, allowing her to further integrate her interests and strengths.

She co-founded ACT3 Consulting Partners, a consulting firm concentrating on the intersection of Arts & Culture, Community, and Technology, with two long-time friends. Denele's role as a founding member involves supervising the organization's technical aspects and ensuringthat ACT3's digital 

presence is robust and effective.

Denele believes her purpose and gifts are to help and inspire people. She is a lifelong learner who has found ways to combine her love of creativity and passion for technology. Denele's zest for life leads others to look at things a little an open, optimistic way...from the moment you meet her.

Who Am I?

DDB Consulting provides web design & resume services, social media implementation, and strategic and crisis communication planning.

What I Can Do for You

Website Design

Internalize your brand and creatively tell your story

Social Media Implementation

Help you achieve visibility and grow your business through creative conversational content

Strategic & Crisis

Communication Planning

Control situations by engaging in timely, strategic responses

Resume Services

Craft compelling resumes tailored to showcase your skills and experiences and increase your job prospects


Who I've Worked With

Collaboration with our clients has resulted in meaningful engagement and long-term connections. DDB Consulting aims to provide every client with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their brand and achieve long-term success.

What I Can Do for You

How You Can Reach Me

DDB Consulting

Denele Biggs


Telephone: 412-450-0122

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